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Plastered turns 10 this April!

We’re celebrating with our great friends at Gung Ho Pizza by taking over their delivery boxes and having a t-shirt a day give-away for 80 days. Plus one creative fan will win an 888RMB Plastered spending spree grand prize.


To win all you need to do is:

  1. Order delivery of a Gung Ho pizza
  2. Pimp out the Plastered 8 llama inside the pizza box (each box will feature our infamous CaoNiMa llama with a blank speech bubble).
  3. Write us your most immature birthday wish in the speech bubble.
  4. Send the photo of it to Plastered’s WeChat account.


The most creative, immature, rudest birthday wishes will win Plastered T-shirts! After the first 80 t-shirts are awarded we’re taking it to a WeChat vote for the grand prize. The 888 RMB spending spree prize will go to the “most Plastered” birthday wish.


Order a pizza today and pimp out that llama to win.
Gung Ho Pizza delivery: gunghopizza.com

三里屯分店 | Sanlitun: 010 8587 1404
丽都分店 | Lido: 010 5135 8557
双井分店 | Shuangjing: 010 5876 5262


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