Plastered is possibly one of the most creative and fun companies around.

We are growing like crazy and we need to get our skates on a get some really excellent people on our team.


We hire good, nice people who get the job done

We do not care about degrees or awards or GPA or SAT scores or whatever. We care if you can do the job you are applying for and give 150%. We want someone who is going to play with the Plastered team and remain loyal to our creative and comfortable workplace.


Plastered is a company that got big on the street

Literally. We went from a small shop in a hutong (alleyway) and then spilled outwards with fashion shows, parties, and performances, all showcasing our creative designs all the while getting rave reviews. Now we are in new, bigger digs, and we have shops across the city and our product has gone international. What does that tell us? It pays to be creative, and it pays to invest in creative people.


You will find a wide array of “types” working for us

We have got students and their skateboards doing stock, a video editor with a flare for adding Japanese soundtracks to fashion videos, a residence committee leader as shopkeeper, a musician working on the web, a mother of three editing text, or a film crew wandering about following our creative dictator (the boss). It is a dynamic place.


And we care

We offer benefits, lots of time off, and other perks. Ultimately, if you join us, you will thrive in a creative environment full of nice, good people who work hard.