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You can generally expect your order to arrive within the times noted below, however, we cannot guarantee these delivery times. o Standard China Post Delivery (No international tracking available): o International: 12-14 working days o Within China: 7-10 working days o Courier Services (International tracking available): o International: 10 working days o Within China: 5 working days

Plastered offers a 7 day return period that begins the day after your Plastered product is delivered to you. At any point within this 7-day window, products can be returned to Plastered (if they’re in mint condition). If you have a Plastered product that you need to return, please read carefully through our complete returns and exchanges policies here

Plastered does not sell wholesale to other retailers.


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Plastered has it’s own in-house designers and we also work with many talented freelancers to produce designs specifically for the brand.

All Plastered products are made in Beijing, China.

Plastered maintains very close, long-term relationship with every factory we work with. Each facility must meet (and continue to meet) Plastered’s high standards for quality in craftsmanship and raw materials, safe working conditions, fair employment practices, and ecologically sound manufacturing processes.

Plastered does not sell wholesale to other retailers.


Every since we opened in 2006, Plastered’s inspiration has been the iconic imagery of China, specifically Beijing —everything from the frenetic present, the revolutionary past, and the burgeoning future. We celebrate the absurd, the beautiful and the glorious of everyday life in China in the simplest way possible… by plastering it on t-shirts. Plastered’s original logo was designed to look like a traditional street sign in Beijing… but it needed a number, so we added the 8 for good luck.

Because Beijing is awesome! Plastered’s founder, Dominic, came to Beijing in 1993 and fell in love with the city. Back then, if you wanted to wear something that let people know how much you loved the city you’d have to settle for something poorly made, poorly designed, and poorly fitted. Beijing had no street wear brand that did a proper job of celebrating this place… and that’s where Plastered came in. Since 2006, we’ve been making Beijing-inspired street wear that people can wear proudly.

Dominic is an Englishman who first arrived in China as a backpacker in 1993. In 2006, he launched Plastered T-shirts in a 13sqm shop on a quiet alley. What developed out of a rather determined business risk became a true Chinese street brand that changed both his life and revolutionized China’s creative scene. Dominic is now a well-known personality in China and can be found at the helm of countless creative projects throughout the city. Dominic lives with his wife and 4 daughters in the heart of Beijing. To read more about Dominic and the Plastered brand click here .

Sure you can! Dominic loves to talk about himself. Send us an email with a bit of information about your event and we’ll go from there.

2 in fact! Click here for our store location details.

Jobs & collaborations

First, take a look at our “Work with Plastered” page here . Then, if you think you have what it takes, send us an email with your CV (and examples of your work if you’re applying for a design job) here: hr@plasteredtshirts.com

We love new talent! If you’re a designer or artist interested in collaborating with Plastered we want to hear from you. Send an email to hr@plasteredtshirts.com and tell us a bit about yourself and your work (with some examples).

Nope, sorry. We love to see creative work from our fans, but will not produce designs or pay royalties on work not officially contracted by Plastered.