Collaborations . 21 Dec 2020

Plastered 8 x Shake Shack

Shake Shack are making a big mark in China with huge queues into their stores. We were approached by Shake Shack to bring some Plastered 8 style pop art to…

Events . 9 Dec 2020

Plastered 8 x Mavrik Luxembourg

We were commissioned to create a permanent installation for a newly built residential building named Mavrik in Luxembourg. Mavrik has a striking facade hiding 19 apartments, emphasis lies on enhanced…

Collaborations . 28 Sep 2020

Plastered 8 x Shake Shack

Shake Shack are getting big in China with customers queuing at their San Li Tun location. We were approached by Shake Shack to create a pattern for their huge 140sm…

Collaborations . 10 Jun 2020

Peddler Gin x Plastered 8

Peddler Gin is from Shanghai is an award winning gin and is the result of a five year journey focused solely on creating a gin for the most discerning and…

Collaborations . 8 May 2020

Freak Show Installation Chengdu

Plastered created a wall art installation for Great Leap Brewing's new space in Chengdu Sichuan.

Collaborations . 18 Jul 2019

Giant Baby

Taking inspiration from 1980 Ultra man artwork we created a story of a spoilt giant kid (in Chinese its “Ju Ying” Giant Baby) in an epic battle with a monster…

Collaborations . 10 Mar 2019

Yellow Brick x Plastered 8

We were asked by Yellow Brick Data in San Fransisco to create a wall installation for their office in silicon valley. Plastered conceptualised after many hours of deep thought a…

Collaborations . 13 Sep 2017

Plastered creates installation for Great Leap Brewing

Plastered 8 was commissioned by Great Leap Brewing in Beijing to create two pieces of artwork for their #45 location. The story is about the founder’s Grandfather in his youth taking…

Uncategorized . 13 Sep 2017

Moka Bros flashcard smart phone installation

We created an installation concept for Moka Bros restaurant chain in China to help people get off their smart phones. Using 1980s inspired flashcard artwork from China we created hero…

Uncategorized . 1 Sep 2017

Plastered creates Comic artwork for Yellow Brick USA

Every now and then we create artwork for others. Yellow Brick’s founder is a big fan of our comic artwork so we worked with the great artist Li Bo Lin…

Collaborations . 15 Nov 2015

Unveiling the Moka Bros Hero

Some images of Plastered’s new artwork now up at Moka Bros’ CBD and Sanlitun locations.

Collaborations . 27 Aug 2015

Plastered Art at White Tiger Village

Plastered artwork can be found around some great places in Beijing.

Collaborations . 4 Jul 2015

Plastered Teams up with PizzaExpress

PizzaExpress recently approached Plastered to create the artwork for 3 of their new locations in Beijing.

Collaborations . 17 Jan 2015

Plastered Hearts Moka Bros

We love creating beautiful artwork and seeing it Plastered all over Beijing.

Products . 15 Oct 2014

Beijing Through a Comic Lens

Plastered collaborated with Beijing artist, Berlin, to create “Comic Beijing”.