Workers’ Bag

workers-bag_160pxI designed this bag over a year ago but due to problems with cloth and mostly with the screen print it never got made. Then one of the factories I was dealing with, on their own initiative, sent me a sample of the screen print they had fiddled with themselves. It was absolutely perfect. God knows how but they somehow mastered exactly the look that I was going for. So we re-designed the sizes and got them to produce hundreds. Within two weeks, we were sold out.

It was about a week later that I got a call from the buyer for Saatchi Gallery in London. Saatchi Gallery is one of the UK’s largest and it turned out that their current exhibition is called “The Revolution Continues: New Chinese Art” featuring the best of China’s contemporary art. The usual suspects are in the lineup and it is a brilliant celebration of China in the UK. The Gallery has a shop in the Plastered Worker’s Bag now sits. They bought up all our current stock.

Now I am on a quest to actually track down the guy, in that factory, who made this design work for me. The factory, as far as I can remember, has only one computer with design software and it takes about 30 minutes just to turn it on. Our worker-inspired bag, that we could not quite get off the ground, was in fact given that final push by this worker. Sometimes the creative process has funny twists and turns.

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