Do you ship internationally and what will it cost how long does it take?

Yes we do, all over the world through Hong Kong post and Fedex, shipping is calculated in the checkout process before you pay you can chose shipping options there. It takes about 2 days in Hong Kong. 10 days internationally with HK post. FEDEX is fast about 3 days but costs an arm and a leg.


What happened to Plastered 8 Beijing and all those products?

We closed our stores in October 2022, covid hit us in the nuts hard. The brand has moved to Hong Kong with founder Dominic and now we are doing limited drops of art and products continuing the “China Dream” kind of.


Where can I find all those old classic Plastered 8 T-shirts?

We have them now on see our shop page for link. We don’t want to do volume anymore, less is more kinda thing.


How often do you have new shit?

As often as we like. We try to keep the ideas flowing but some take longer than others. Please be patient and enjoy the wait.


What happened to the Pollution Globe?

They were all confiscated in 2018. Dominic has one left and he’s not going to sell it sorry.


What about returns?

If you don’t like our shit, send it back and we will refund it. 100% guaranteed.


How can I collaborate with Plastered 8?

Drop us an email and sell us your story we love ideas.


Do you do commissions?

Yes we do when the stars align. Send us a message on the contact page.