Plastered 8 New Hong Kong Series – “Lost the Plot”

The “Lost The Plot” series consists of eight captivating pieces of art that cleverly place vintage Chinese firecracker artwork within the context of the Hong Kong property market. The vibrant and playful nature of firecracker artwork perfectly complements the bittersweet narrative conveyed through these pieces.

In Chinese culture, firecrackers symbolize people’s aspirations for a better life and prosperity, soaring high into the sky, burning brilliantly. However, these dreams often lead to nothing substantial; the results are fleeting and unattainable.

Similarly, the world of property taunts us with the possibility of reaching great heights—a substantial return and a dream living space. Life can be perfect. Yet, more often than not, reality falls short of these expectations, leaving us with little to show for our aspirations.

Each artwork in the series incorporates a warning sign, reminiscent of those found on firecracker labels, altered to suit the bigger and underlying truth behind the images. 

Here is the series of 8, on this series I collaborated with 3 incredible artist, Riya ChandiramaniJeremy Gdalia and my long time creating partner Dark Questions

I’ve teamed up with the creative people at Young Soy Gallery  who will be displaying and selling this collection Afford Art Fair Hong Kong May 18 to 22nd.