Plastered 8 X Grateful Dead Set


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Plastered 8 x Grateful Dead Limited-Edition Set
Plastered 8 brings you a one-off collaboration with the Grateful Dead. In what will be the Grateful Dead’s first ever Chinese centric artwork Plastered 8 has created something truly gone from this world. Each set contains a hand screen printed t-shirt, signed and numbered (by Plastered 8 artist) screen print and a bundle of Grateful Dead x Plastered 8 Hell money. Limited to 244 sets retail price 40USD

Plastered 8 X Grateful Dead T-shirt and Screen Print Artwork
Plastered 8 pays tribute to Grateful Dead’s icons celebrating the bands iconic dancing bears and lightning bolts. This is a psychedelic mix of classic Grateful Dead elements combined with Chinese firecracker artwork, art nouveau and stunning screen print offset finish to give it this artwork a dreamy and confused romance.

Plastered 8 x Grateful Dead Hell Money
Hell money is burnt in China to send to the deceased in the afterlife. Plastered 8 has created the world’s first Grateful Dead Hell money. These crisp notes feature the traditional “Hell God” and is accompanied by the iconic Grateful Dead dancing bear.

  • T-shirt 210g 100% Cotton
  • T-shirt screen printed by hand with water based inks
  • Screen print poster 38.5cm x 30cm
  • Washable Paper printed poster
  • Hell Money bundle includes 30 notes


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