Plastered 8 Flashcard Smart Phone Killer

We started our wall installation business at Moka Bros and we Plastered their walls for 6 years. Moka Bros has been at the forfront of creative cafe dinning in Beijing for years.

We noticed that like most places where we eat everyone is on their “not so smart” phone the whole time. So we conceptualised an idea for Moka Bros.

We collected some old flash cards (for learning Chinese)from the 1980s and decided to play with them. “Mum” “Dad” “teacher” etc we changed them up so they are all on their phones and for good measure added in a super hero snogging the Mum. We Plastered this up on the wall with a giant sticker.

Each customer who ordered got a free flash card with these images on, and on the back was an idea for a conversation. It worked ! well not really but sort of, anyway we made a point in a playful way, and then of course made a T-shirt out of it.