Plastered 8 x the Grateful Dead Limited-Edition Set

The Grateful Dead never made it to China but thanks to this one off collaboration between the Grateful Dead and Plastered 8 you can now get your hands on some Grateful Dead merch with Chinese characteristics. Each set contains a hand screen printed t-shirt, signed screen print and a bundle of Grateful Dead x Plastered 8 hell money. Limited to 244 sets.

T-shirt and Screen Print Artwork

Plastered 8 pays tribute to the Grateful Dead’s icons celebrating the bands iconic dancing bears and lighten bolts this is a psychedelic mix of classic Grateful Dead elements combined with Chinese firecracker artwork, art nouveau and stunning screen print offset finish to give it this artwork a dreamy and confused romance.

Plastered 8 x Grateful Dead Hell Money

Hell money is burnt in China to send to the deceased in the afterlife. Plastered 8 has created the world’s first Grateful Dead Hell money. These crisp notes feature the traditional “Hell God” and is accompanied by the iconic Grateful Dead dancing bear.

This set drops November 18th

Retail price 40 USD