Plastered 8 Oil Paintings Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

This was my first go at Oil on Canvas. It part of a larger collection which will be coming out soon.

Two large oil paintings. “Luxury Jam” and “A Bridge Too Far”.

Concept was pretty simple. I found one of those businesses in China that replicates famous oil paintings. They do it really well and all by hand of course. We gave them two classic Hong Kong oil paintings.

First one we found in Stanley Market where shit tourist paintings are cheap as chips, took a high Rez photo and sent to the company in China. We asked them to change it up and provided images of Luxury sports cars. We called it “Luxury Jam”

Second one we bought a high Rez image online of a classic Hong Kong harbour oil painting from the 18th century. Then we found a photo of a huge sea bridge, added in a motorcade and “IPO” to the mountain and called it “A Bridge Too Far”. All make sense? Don’t care really.

These both sold at the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong this year thanks to the amazing team at Young Soy