Beijing Pollution Globe

We’ve all seen a snow globe but until Plastered 8 created this beautiful product no one had ever seen a Pollution Globe.

Beijing is well known for its smog and this piece of art was to celebrate the air we live in, in Beijing. Beijing iconic CCTV tower rests in the centre of the globe.

It took us 4 months to get it right, the grey dust had to be sourced and we added a little sparkle too. The result speaks for itself. All 300 we made sold out in 2 days and then we made another 300, these were swiftly confiscated….hey ho.

We made a video to celebrate the launch. A Beijing family living in Vancouver, the son unable to sleep cause he misses Beijing, the Dad pulls out his pollution globe and son falls asleep…..enjoy.

Sorry they’re all gone so we can’t get you one anymore.